Damotimus' Arachnotank

Professor Damotimus' Bio-Mechanical Steam Driven Arachnotank

The next project isn't really Exo Legs like the 'Bio-Mechanical Steampowered' ones I have just finished. But I am carrying on the idea of Damotimus having no legs, and this is the next invention that The Order of Steam have in production for their leader!

The story continues and after a mid air collision, Prof. Damotimus' Bio-Mechanical Steampowered legs were damaged. Leaving him high and dry, and unable to move around. Luckily for Damotimus The Order had a project in the pipeline already and a prototype on the way!

The BMSD Arachnotank is an 8 legged tank like chair that Professor Damotimus will sit upon moving from place to place. Of course unable to fly, he can now climb from place to place!

Below is a low quality image of the initial draft design. No don't ask if I have a higher quality image, I will not be posting one, as this project is still in planning and build stages! Don't want designs being used else where. This design was made before the wheel chair arrived and before  I could go off exact measurements.

The Electric Wheel Chair arrived and was a lot better than i thought on many different levels!

2nd picture is of the 24 volt power pack. This chair is rated for 100kg, but I can tell you right now it can push more than 100kg up hill!

Below is the final concept that I came up with once the chair arrived and could do a scale design.

Click on the above image to be taken to the you Tube clip of the legs working.
The blue chimney in this drawing IS the Steampunk Chimney which is in my DIY page!