How to punk a Nerf gun

How to punk a Nerf gun!

Now this is just a quick basic pictorial on how you can start a basis to Steampunk a Nerf gun, for your own collection.
 I have chosen the almighty 'Vulcan EBF-25.'

First as you will see below, you start with your base gun. If you want different colours you can mask these areas off, I just wanted an overall colour, so didn't matter.

Next I sprayed done a gold base coat, allow this to dry completely, if you don't you can get rippling of the paint and an uneven finish.

Lastly I wet a sponge and sqeeze it almost completely dry, so there is just a hint of moisture.

Then you spray a black top coat down, and quickly 'dab' the black coat off the gold coat.

This gives you this metallic, aged and used look

I've done eight of these Nerf guns now and as I get more and more experienced,
the better and better they look!!!