Damotimus' Exo Legs

Professor Damotimus' Exo Legs

These legs have been made for the 2011 Steampunk Fashion Show that was held over Queens Birthday, and they were placed 1st in the Inventor / Scientist category!!!!! As the story goes, after last years Show, Damotimus returned to his research of the late Prof. Maximus, during an experiment a Junior Libratorian made a massive miss calculation and Prof. Damotimus is left with no legs. These are the replacement legs, that the Libratorians have made for him!


The gallery below, shows you how they began, and how they have evolved since first conception.




Moving on from the initial concept, it became quickly apparent that going to the top of the knee just wasn't going to be acceptable. So I added thigh plates, they were originally fixed into place, but after a bit of tweeking, a knee joint was added, pants were attached, and my legs are now completely hidden within the Exo Legs!!!




After the legs were completed, I decided that I needed to 'Man' them up a bit more, so they became not just Exo Legs, but mobile armouries, 3 steampunked Nerf guns were added to each leg, They are the Nitefinder, Maverick and Barricade. Check out the 'How to punk a Nerf gun' Sub page in the Weapons menu to see how I achieved this look!!!




With both legs loaded up with weapons, batteries and other bits and pieces, they are finally weighing in at a whooping 26kg!!!


Now weighing in at just under 30kg with gas installed! Heres the link to see them in action.


Below is a link to a recent newspaper article featuring a photo of the Exo Legs being worn.



2011 Steampunk Fashion Show,

McKenzie Craik Scientist / Inventor category line up.

Click on the Photo to be taken to a video by Patrick Barry of the legs in action.

from left :

Bryce Taylor as William Stuffupalot,

Scientist and Inventor despite himself.

Vicki Yarker as Baronese Violet von Vixen,

Master of the Dragon Riders Guild.

Damien McNamara as Damotimus Tipotus,

Inventor of steampowered prosthetics.

Liz Slooten as Prof. Petronella Phenomoneous Bugglesthwaite,

Scientist and Inventor.

Gabby Morris as Laars von Krankletwappen,

Scientist and Inventor.


Above is a link to an article published on Stuff.co.nz, on Saturday June, 26, 2011.

On the same day it also appeared in The Timaru Herald.

This is a public apology to the image taker, Stacey Hill from BlueRose Photography of Christchurch, NZ.

I was given the image with the unstanding that it could be published,

I was aware Stacey had taken the image which appeared

on her Twitter account.

But was giving the image that featured here as a hard copy, so was unaware

that they were two in the same.

So I apologise Stacey for any inconvienece and hurt that this misunderstanding has caused.